What colleagues and clients say about Dave

At Neary Consulting:

Quim Gil, Nokia, worked with Dave on the Maemo project
Dave is able to provide a holistic view on specific problems, bring a plan, convert criticism in improvements and get a community team together to execute the task
Ryan Abel, maemo.org Community Council
I had opportunity to work with Dave in maemo.org both as a Community Council representative and as a community contributor, he was always a pleasure to work with and an excellent resource to the community. Especially given his extensive experience in open source, its communities, and technology in general — he really has his finger on the open source pulse. His thoughtful and deep-thinking approach to community issues always provides useful insight and his competent approach to all tasks is both refreshing and confidence inspiring.
Andrew Savory, LiMo Foundation
Dave has a fantastic and detailed appreciation of all aspects of open source development and community. The training he delivered at the GNOME Users' and Developers' European Conference was comprehensive and engaging; he has a great ability to communicate complex ideas with real world examples that are both entertaining and educational. Dave's the go-to guy for help on GNOME and I wouldn't hesitate to call on him if I needed general open source consultancy and advice as well. His patience, good humour and encyclopaedic knowledge make him truly invaluable.

As a Yorba Foundation board member

Adam Dingle, Executive Director of the Yorba Foundation
Dave has served on Yorba's board for over two years now. Dave has many years of experience in the free software world and his perspective has always been valuable for us. He's friendly and responsible and reflective and is an outstanding communicator. I recommend Dave heartily to anyone looking for help with free software projects or with building a free software community or organization.

As OpenWengo Community Manager:

Jerôme Wagner, Wengo CTO
Dave is very knowledgeable about the dynamics of community software projects, and was a valued contributor at Wengo. As a lead figure in the project he brought ideas to the table, and succeeded in putting his ideas into practice in an existing project with tact.
Philippe Bernery, Software Architect at Wengo
Dave is a good communicator and transparent in all his decisions. He takes advice to all the team to make these decisions and recognises your work. A great manager to work with.
Ovidiu Ciule, Interned for Dave at Wengo
In the chaos innate to a vibrant open-source community, Dave was the guiding light. He wrote clear roadmaps with reasoned rationales that both inspired us and foresaw contingencies, which is a rare feat. He guided and mentored me as an intern, and taught me so much about open-source, software development, and what a community is. All this while being a great, nice, fun colleague
Aurélien Gâteau, Software Developer at Wengo
Dave is an efficient manager, who always makes sure everyone is moving in the same direction and everyone is focused on realistic objectives. While working on the OpenWengo project, his deep knowledge of the way open source communities work has been an invaluable asset to help contributors and paid developers work together and deliver the best work we could.

In the GNOME Foundation:

Stormy Peters, former GNOME Foundation Executive Director
Dave is an invaluable member of the GNOME Foundation. During my tenure as Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation, he was a great mentor offering strategic, organizational and practical advice. He also plays an active role in the GNOME Foundation. For example, he has been a key member of the Executive Director Hiring Committee, he's helped plan the annual flagship conference, GUADEC including procuring sponsorships and he started a new training program. I'd highly recommend Dave as a consultant to help organizations understand and work with open source communities, as an event manager or as a trusted team member or manager.
Jonathan Blandford, served on GNOME Foundation board with Dave
David was energetic and enthusiastic on the GNOME Board. He was a pleasure to work with.
Luis Villa, served on GNOME Foundation board with Dave
I've worked with David extensively in this role, and he's been an incredibly proactive and constructive guy. I'd certainly recommend him for any role involving technology and planning/management.

At Cegelec:

Jean-François Burq, Project Manager
As I was in charge of the development of Air Quality Monitoring Systems at Cegelec, Dave worked in my teams as we performed the migration of the system to open-source technologies. Dave has a strong knowledge in open-source technologies and he is deeply rooted in the communities around open-source development. This greatly helped us to perform this sophisticated migration with respect to delivery deadlines, customer satisfaction, and software enhancement. Thanks to his empathy and a great sense of humour, Dave also helped us to improve our customer relationships. Personally it was a pleasure for me to work with Dave, and I still enjoy our regular meetings.

As GIMP Release Manager

Michael Hammel, Author, "Artists Guide to GIMP Effects"
David has done a great job providing administrative oversight for the GIMP developers, freeing those developers to work on code and allowing GIMP to progress at a rate it hasn't seen in years. David's organizational and negotiating skills have helped pique interest by providing access to information and conferences for those people interested in participating in the GIMP development process.
Dave Neary

Dave Neary

dave@neary-consulting.com / dneary@gnome.org
Web: http://www.neary-consulting.com
Blog: http://blogs.gnome.org/bolsh
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69630 Lyon, France
Tel: +33 950 715 562
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Non-profit Affiliations

Selected experience

Nov 2007 – present: Founder, Neary Consulting

I provide consultancy, training and development services around community management of free software projects.

Sample projects:

Oct 2006 – Nov 2007: OpenWengo Community manager

OpenWengo (now QuteCom) was a free software project building a communication over IP application, including IM, video and voice chat, based on SIP.

Initial outward-facing role: Community marketing, improvement of community infrastructure and process, event organisation, improving software distribution.

Appointed product manager and given responsibility for business development in July 2007, managing a team of between 4 and 6 engineers while teleworking.

Organised FOSTEL, conference of ~100 Open Source telecoms developers, and the OpenWengo Developers Summit (~20 developers and contributors)

2004 – present: GNOME

2004-2007: GNOME Foundation board of directors

Served three terms on the GNOME Foundation board of directors, including one term as chairman and one as treasurer. Selected achievements include:

2004-now: Ordinary member

1999 – 2005: GIMP

2006: Libre Graphics Meeting organiser

Co-ordinated all aspects of the initial Libre Graphics Meeting, including venue, presentations, coordinating project attendance, sponsorship, and ensuring continuity for following years

2003 – 2004: Release Manager

During the GIMP 1.3 release cycle, volunteered for the role of release manager – responsible for maintenance of roadmap, tracking in-progress features and critical bugs, resolving licensing issues, and ensuring timely release of GIMP 2.0. Remained in the role until Summer 2004.

1999 – 2005: Developer

First significant free software contribution. Maintained a number of plug-ins and developed several tools during the GIMP 1.3 release cycle.

Other professional experience

Project manager, software engineer: Cegelec

Jan 2005 – Oct 2006

Maintenance, development and deployment of air quality surveillance system.

Project manager: Phenix Engineering

Dec 2002 – Dec 2004

Development and deployment of a web-deployed front-end to an Electronic Document Management and workflow system, with a team of four developers

Senior developer: Palamon Technologies

Mar 2001 — Dec 2001

Primary developer of a proprietary custom object-oriented CMS written in Java

Software engineer: Informix

Sept 1999 — Feb 2001

Porting, maintenance, QA and packaging of database and developer tools for various second tier Unix platforms, including Red Hat Linux


Masters in Electronic Engineering – Dublin City University

1996 – 1999

Research masters in image analysis and compression. First contact with Linux and software development.

Thesis: “Fractal Methods in Image Analysis and Compression”

B.Sc. In Mathematics – NUI Galway

1992 – 1996

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